We're changing fast food.

Our super fast grab & go flow allows us to create amazing high quality food fast and always fresh. There's no waiting in line, or being waited on here at Fast Fuel.
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A word from Drew Ginter DC

"Whole food is vital for health and well-being. There is no substitute for healthy nutritious food. Without
nutrition from whole food the body becomes deficient in the building blocks it needs to maintain cellular
health and overall vitality. Whether you deal with mental or physical ailments look to your nutrition as a
major contributor to your problems.
Fast Fuel is a tremendous option for whole food nutrition because they use premium ingredients and
the best possible process to make their juice to ensure you get the most high-quality nutrients possible.
The old adage “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” is there for a reason. IT WORKS! Fast Fuel is an
option that goes well beyond this and has me saying “a juice a day keeps illness away.” Choose Fast Fuel
vs. any other fast food option out there and you will change the trajectory of your health and you will
see results."

Drew Gintner DC

We're pressing your favorites

Hand made cold press juice, with no bullsh*t. No artificial sweetners, sugars, colors, EVER.

Food made with intention

Founded on a simple principle: To provide healthy fast options that taste good, and are good for you.
These recipes are tried and true, tasted and tested by many food junkies before being rolled out! Made with intention, these foods are created with you in mind so you function better in your every day life! - Home Sweet Home

Ingredients you can trust giving to your kids or your Grandma! And guess what!? We even have natural treats for your dog!

Sustainability is a priority

Our packaging is made from plants for plants... and thats exciting to us! Our forks, deli containers, spoons, parfait cups, and energii ball containers are 100% made from plants! There's more to it, we made sure not to skimp out on the bottle either. Sealed in a 16oz French square glass bottle, it’s heavy, it's clean and it's recyclable! We have an awesome bottle return program as well!

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