Now OPEN inside Whirlybird Coffee Co.!!

We're BACK!! Your favorite Cold Pressed Juices and BRAND NEW breakfast and lunch menus now available!!

We use healthy, whole food ingredients!

You won’t have to question when you dine with us. We have a no BS policy, so what you order not only tastes amazing but it’s good for you and great for your soul! Many products are locally sourced, grown and harvested right here in the Chippewa Valley. *Pictured is the 4 ingredient, mouthwatering Avocado Pudding.

Why Fast Fuel? A message from our Chiropractor, Drew Ginter DC

"Whole food is vital for health and well-being. There is no substitute for healthy nutritious food. Without
nutrition from whole food the body becomes deficient in the building blocks it needs to maintain cellular
health and overall vitality. Whether you deal with mental or physical ailments look to your nutrition as a
major contributor to your problems.

Fast Fuel is a tremendous option for whole food nutrition because they use premium ingredients and
the best possible process to make their juice to ensure you get the most high-quality nutrients possible.

The old adage “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” is there for a reason. IT WORKS! Fast Fuel is an option that goes well beyond this and has me saying “a juice a day keeps illness away.” Choose Fast Fuel vs. any other fast food option out there and you will change the trajectory of your health and you will see results."

Drew Gintner DC

Who is Fast Fuel?

Fast Fuel is a culinary venture dedicated to delivering healthy food, fast. With a three-year history, our vision revolves around providing fresh, delicious, and nutritious food and drinks. More than just a meal, Fast Fuel aims to integrate healthy choices into your lifestyle. Our commitment is evident in the passion infused into every dish, juice, and energii ball, driven by a profound belief in the transformative power of whole food medicine

Fast Fuel's Journey🍍--->🥑

We started this journey in 2020 during Covid lockdowns. We recognized the need to make our food, our medicine, maybe more than ever before.

We were humbled immediately by the excitement and support of the Chippewa Valley and had the privilege of serving our amazing juices, avocado toast and nutritious whole food snacks to the community until November 2023.

After we closed the Water St location, we didnt know what direction we wanted to take this adventure. But when one door closes, another opens, and our brand new collaboration with the AWESOME, Whirlybird Coffee Co. in beautiful ChippewaFalls is the re-start Fast Fuel was looking for, and we are so excited to continue bringing our amazing communities the most delicious and nutrient dense food possible.

We look forward to serving you and turning health food into a lifestyle, not just a desire.

Our Passion is our Purpose

Fast Fuel is committed to revolutionizing the fast-food experience by offering a diverse menu of wholesome options that cater to various dietary preferences. Our mission is to empower individuals to make healthier choices effortlessly, ensuring that every bite aligns with the principles of freshness, flavor, and nutritional excellence. Join us on this journey towards a healthier, more vibrant lifestyle.