The Best is Yet to Come

We use healthy, whole food ingredients!

You won’t have to question when you dine with us. We have a no BS policy, so what you order not only tastes amazing but it’s good for you and great for your soul! Many products are locally sourced, grown and harvested right here in the Chippewa Valley. Our sauces are very special too, everyone of them is made in house from scratch with nothing but the best ingredients!

Why Fast Fuel Grill & Juice Lounge?-- A message from our Chiropractor Drew Ginter DC

"Whole food is vital for health and well-being. There is no substitute for healthy nutritious food. Without
nutrition from whole food the body becomes deficient in the building blocks it needs to maintain cellular
health and overall vitality. Whether you deal with mental or physical ailments look to your nutrition as a
major contributor to your problems.
Fast Fuel is a tremendous option for whole food nutrition because they use premium ingredients and
the best possible process to make their juice to ensure you get the most high-quality nutrients possible.
The old adage “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” is there for a reason. IT WORKS! Fast Fuel is an
option that goes well beyond this and has me saying “a juice a day keeps illness away.” Choose Fast Fuel
vs. any other fast food option out there and you will change the trajectory of your health and you will
see results."

Drew Gintner DC

Build Your Own Hot/Cold Bar

We're still changing fast food, and we're doing a great job at it! Visit our Water Street location and build your own meals based on the fuel you need to live your best life! When building your Aćai Bowl or salad, you can choose from as many toppings as you would like.

Pictured: A
ćai Smoothie Bowl

Real Food Made With The Body In Mind

Founded on a simple principle: To provide healthy fast options that taste amazing, and are great for you. We have a few rules here. #1 it must be healthy and beneficial to you and #2 it must taste good!

These recipes are tried and true, tasted and tested by many food junkies before being rolled out! Made with intention, these foods are created with you in mind so you function better in your every day life!

Check out this pulled jackfruit bowl!----->

Build your perfect meal with a plant based physilosphy-- yes we will have steak and chicken for you too.. but what we're really excited about is helping everyone add more plants in their life. Our pulled jackfruit entrée will your blow mind. Choose from having it served as a wrap, a bowl, or salad!

Get ready foodies, you've never seen or tasted anything like this!

Ingredients you can trust, and flavor you can be confident in. Picky eaters are welcome, we're not that weird "healthy" restaurant where the food tastes like dirt.

Sustainability is a priority

Our packaging is made from plants for plants... and that's exciting to us! Our forks, spoons, parfait cups, and energii ball containers, are 100% made from plants! In addition to that, we take great pride in the selection of our 100% recyclable bottles. Beautiful, 16oz French Square, heavy duty glass bottles, make our juice, elixirs, and kombuchas taste that much better. Plus, we have an awesome bottle return program too, bring the bottles back and get rewards to spend on your next visit!