Where to shop Fast Fuel Products

Find Fast Fuel Products at any of our local partners!

In addition to our Fast Fuel headquarters in the Banbury Building on Galloway Street where you can walk in or order online, we are also stocked at popular places around town!

Hyvee Eau Claire
Eau Claire

Hyvee stocks all our grab and go options including wraps, energy balls, avocado pudding and 5 different cold press juice options! Located in the produce section, and next to the Kombucha end cap!

Eau Claire on hwy 93

If you need help with coffee, bikes, or grab and go snacks... Shift has partnered with us to carry our wraps, yellow curry quinoa salads, energy balls, and avocado pudding!

Eau Claire on Barstow St

Our local cafe and garden center that has it all also stocks our cold press juice along side of a whole store front of locally grown and harvested products! You must check this place out, it has everything! Including a boutique right next door!

Hyvee Lacrosse and Midwest Meals coming 2023!